Gather & Release

Category of manifestation:
Limited edition hand-sown packaging
April 5, 2016

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Gather & Release is the result of years worth of composer Sarah Hennies’ exploration of the vibraphone in synthesis with her experiences of identity, obsession, anxiety, tension, grief, and loss.

Over the course of an hour, Hennies entangles highly focused percussion playing with field recordings, sine waves, signifiers from her personal & family history (including a 20+ year old recording of her grandfather reciting poetry), and bilateral stimulation, a tool for anxiety release and a major component of EMDR therapy (a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on relieving the patient of disturbing memories as a treatment for psychopathology).

Gather & Release is personal, immediate, yet reserved. Coppice welcomes Sarah Hennies to Category of manifestation: with this challenging new work of reclaim.

"Plenty of music is labeled trance inducing, but this is the real thing." - Bill Meyer, Dusted

"Personal and perplexing but ultimately open-ended, Gather & Release provides us narrative bones, arteries and a soul bared or prepared for further fleshing out." - Stephen Fruitman, Avant Music News

"Sarah’s inclusion of noise and natural sounds along with musical ones tampers with the idea that all structure is repressive. More to the point, it demonstrates that sympathy is possible within structure, that structure can crack itself open and bleed out into the world, not as a repressive force, but as a healing one." - Lucas Schleicher, Dusted

"Même si ça grésille un peu dans les basses. Un formidable travail de composition en trois parties (au moins) sur des motifs binaires assez incroyables. Et l'on repense à la spatialisation circulaire qu'elle utilise souvent en live, ici magistralement représentée, agrémentée de la voix (sur bande) de son grand père. Deux visages de son travail que je vous incite une nouvelle fois à découvrir très vite." - Cyrille Lanoë, Revue & Corrigée

"With this album, Hennies shows how experimental music can be personal and intense, without forsaking a thoughtful respect for sounds — it’s another engaging and intriguing listen from the percussionist." - Nathan Thomas, Fluid Radio